Brand Identity for ENA and Associates

ENA and Associates

ENA and Associates is a law firm that specialises in tax consultancy and arbitration for corporate bodies. We distilled the brand attributes to 3 key words; Boldness, Excellence and Integrity to help create a brand identity fit for the brand.


We needed to create a general visual direction of the brand; with the keywords identified we put together a stylescape to help guide the remaining process.

Logo Exploration

The approved stylescape (above) had some images that stood out to the client. The image of the pillar/column was one of them.The challenge was that, it had become a cliche for law firm logos. We needed to give it a twist to make it stand out.


The sketches explored using just the top part of the column and mirroring it to create a unique look, we also looked at using the initials (ENA) and blending it with the column, and a whole lot of different variants to see which worked the best.

Refined Sketch

This option (below) looked like a solid one, it wasn't cliche for a law firm and felt very much in line with the look and feel of the brand in the approved stylescape. This was sent into illustrator for the finished work but had to be adjusted even further.

Final Logo Construction

With enough tinkling, the logo was finalised into this, the refined sketch had a lot of negative space between the mirrored column. The logo was simplified to address this whilst maintaining a unique look.