Brand Identity System for Alpha Premium

About the Brand

Alpha Premium Limited is based in New Jersey making high quality t-shirts for those who love the feel of good casual clothing. The deliverables included a logo redesign and brand identity system along with package design.

Brand Persona and Imagery

The brand persona of Alpha Premium was clearly defined from the start of the project. It was masculine, bold and hard-edged. We created the entire identity with these references in mind

Brand Keywords

Logo Redesign

The logo redesign process had to make an assessment of the previous logo. We realized that the logo had a generic feel to it (the wings were from a stock photo which takes away its uniqueness). Secondly, as a dominant, hard-edged brand the font did not seem to communicate this in its form and structure.

Package Design

The package design was a crucial part of the design process. The t-shirts were packaged in canisters with different colors corresponding to the color of the t-shirts encased within. This was a unique aspect of the brand since this wasn't common of t-shirt packaging.